Special Delivery

Welcome to From Mini to Moose, a company founded around the NICU community. We are so happy you have stopped by! We want to introduce ourselves and give you a little back story on how this company was founded.

Colleen Mager & Samantha Evans

What We Do:
From Mini to Moose is a unique shop founded by two NICU Moms looking to help other parents and families within the NICU Community.

Our Back Story:
In college, we were acquaintances who dated college roommates and were in the same circle of friends. We both married those same college roommates and were expecting little girls around the same time! Samantha was expecting her first at the same time as I was expecting my second. In March of 2016, Samantha gave birth to her daughter Madison at 27 weeks. Ironically, a month later, I found out my pregnancy was going to result in premature birth. During this stressful time, I had reached out to Sam with questions about what to expect in the coming months, and she became a true confidant and friend.

The Evolution of "From Mini to Moose":
After adjusting to life with a preemie, we both had a strong desire to become more involved in helping other families and relatives within the NICU community. Many times, while in the NICU, family, and friends would ask how they could help. While nothing could take away the ache in your heart while you waited for your preemie to grow big and strong, the idea that family and friends could help give back to the NICU community helped ease the heartache. Wanting to give others the chance to give back, we created From Mini to Moose - Special Delivery.

The From Mini to Moose - Special Delivery allows us to donate holiday bodysuits to our local NICUs. Through donations and funds from our Etsy shop, we can purchase supplies to make these onesies. We hope that these donations help humanize the NICU experience the best it can, and help fellow NICU parents realize they aren't alone on their journey.

Interested in giving back? See our Facebook page for more information!

The last piece of the puzzle:
Family members searched for ways to give back to us in our time of need. At that time, we would have loved to have had a shop that we could send our families to for NICU themed apparel, and 'thank you' gifts for our superheroes, our NICU nurses. Since it didn't exist, we decided to make one ourselves! Hence, From Mini to Moose was born. Follow us to learn more about who we are and what we do @fromminitomoose .

Your Fellow NICU Mommies
- Colleen & Samantha

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